Variable pitched prop mounted system

Propeller mounted systems for propeller hub sizes from 12″ or 300mm and larger.

Number of Propellers:

Name of Propeller Manufacturer:

Number of Blades:

Propeller Material (Metal):

Rope Guard: Inside Diameter (For):

Rope Guard: Inside Diameter (Aft):

Protective Cover: Bolt Circle Diameter:

Protective Cover: Number of Bolts:

Protective Cover: Size of Bolts:

Protective Cover: Cover Material:

Aft Seal Make:

Aft Seal Model:

Aft Seal Model Number:

Vessel Name

Dry Dock Yard Location:

Approx. Dry Dock Date:

When possible please furnish design drawings specific to vessel running gear, rope guard, propeller hub, strut or stern tube and seals. (Drawings eliminate any doubt)

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