What our customers have to say about Spurs®

“We installed a set of SPURS line cutters when we purchased our hunter 30-T in 1991. Apart from routine maintenance, the cutters have received little attention from us, except for profound sighs of relief when they set us free from eelgrass and lobster potlines from tumultuous weather and sea conditions. (For the record, we always make a conscious effort to avoid such, though we are not successful!). Last Season, one of these encounters led to an unnerving clunk below the waterline, followed by the release of a cut line. As anyone sailing northern New England waters can attest, pot lines are a real (and uncharted) hazard. We Have learned from recent conversations that lobstermen themselves are equipping THEIR props with SPURS.”

“Let me say that the SPURS® cutters on my lobster boat is piece of equipment I consider a necessary safety item. After over 700 hours use so far this season, this equipment has saved me many times by clean cutoffs of lines that otherwise would have fouled and caused wrap-ups that usually end up with a call for assistance, being it a tow or a diver. I highly recommend the product and myself would not be without it. Thank You”

“Dear Mr Govan, as UK distributors we confirm that we have been supplying the RNLI with SPURS rope cutters since 1986. Over that period of time the cutters have been adopted as standard fit throughout the RNLI fleet of lifeboats. The attitude adopted by the RNLI has also been to fit the cutter to all development boats when trailing new prototypes, and such they will not run a lifeboat without the SPURS cutter fitted. Should you wish for any other information regarding the supply of cutters, please contact either myself or my son Ben Campbell.”

“To whom it may concern: The Port Everglades Pilot’s Association currently has three vessels, Pilot #1, Pilot #2, and Pilot #3, on which SPURS line & net Cutter Systems have been installed since 1984. During the early development stage of Spurs Cutter, the Pilot’s Association was instrumental in testing the product. The many years of high usage resulted in a totally dependable and long-lived cutter system, providing the ultimate protection from line and net entanglement”

“Dear Don, as you may remember we are happy owners of your Spurs Mold B line Cutters which is installed on our Valiant 40 sailboat ‘Pendragon.’ On our way to our present port, Port Santo in the Madeiran Archipelago, Our line cutter again saved the day, or should I say night. I thought you would like to hear about it… We had left Gibraltal and turned SW just off the African coast toward Madeira. The night was pitch black and I could see what i judged to be fishing vessels here and there. All of a sudden Pendragon’s keel struck an obstruction and the obstruction struck another part of the underbody further after. The the engine changed briefly and my wife said it sounded like wood being fed into a wood chipper. Anyways, I pointed the spotlight astern and to my great surprise I saw what looked like a line stretched on the water and supported by small white floats. Obviously, we run right over an unlit fishing net. Fortunately we were motoring at the time and our line cutter did what it was suppose to do. To have been caught in the dark in the ocean off the coast of Africa in a fishing net would have been a serious event. Undoubtedly the line would have melted and snarled the prop and shaft… I wanted you to know what a valuable product you are making. This is not the first instance of our cutter coming to our aid. I would not consider having a serious cruising boat without SPURS® line cutters. Thank you for our SPURS® line cutter.”

“I have ‘Spurs’ on my shaft. In my area there are quite a few crab traps, unfortunately some yahoos insist on putting them inside channels. While I try to avoid them it is sometimes impossible in the dark. Having said that I can’t really say how effective they are since there is no feedback. You could run over a trap, cut the line, and never know it. I do know that when I inadvertently ran over my own spinnaker sheet the line started to wrap around the prop pulling at the clew of the sail. After stopping I put the boat in reverse and the sheet was immediately cut. I later checked and there was no trace left on the prop or shaft. I recall that my brother had the same cutters on a 34 ft Wellcraft. He managed to cut several other peoples anchor ropes one afternoon with some careless boat handling. Fortunately, he no longer boats.”

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