Spurs line and net cutter systems have been protecting vessels from costly propeller entanglement since 1981. Installed on USCG, US Navy, Canadian CG, RNLI (English CG), Pilot boats, and on over 100,000+ commercial and pleasure vessels worldwide. Global navigation is made safer with Spurs Cutter Systems installed on your vessel.

How it Works

Shaft Mounted

A system that is mounted on the propeller shaft driven by its inertial force. Available from sizes 3/4" to 7", or metric sizes (20mm to 175mm)

Propeller Mounted

A system that is mounted on the propeller face driven by its inertial force. Available for propeller hub sizes 12" up to unlimited. (300mm+)

Transmission Spacer

Installed between the transmission and shaft flanges to extend the shaft, to achieve the minimum space to install Spurs shaft mounted cutter system.

PSS Shaft Seal

The number one selling marine mechanical seal worldwide. Installed as standard equipment by many of the world's most reputable boat builders/yards.

Service Your Cutter

Let the factory do your reconditioning!

SpursĀ® offers in house reconditioning of your line cutter system. The unit is glass bead blasted for complete cleaning, blades are re-sharpened, all worn parts replaced and are CMM (Coordinate-Measuring Machine) checked for tolerance and wear. Keep your cutter system up-to-date for prolonged optimal use and lifetime.

Product Quality Assurance

Extensive Quality Control

Spurs Cutter Systems are manufactured in our computerized machining facility and continually updated with the latest technology. Years of research and testing have resulted in a patented system that is reliable, durable and extremely effective. Spurs Cutter Systems are protected by U.S. and International Patents.

ABS is the leading marine and offshore classification society. SPURSĀ® Line & Net Cutter systems have been approved by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) for over 25 years.